Dermal Filler Options For Sensitive Skin

If you have been thinking about getting fillers to plump up your cheeks, smooth your fine lines, and give your lips a more youthful appearance, there are so many options in both natural and synthetic styles to choose from. If you have sensitive skin, it's especially important for you to consider the best type of filler for you. Here is a list of dermal filler types that can work well for your tender skin.


There are many synthetic fillers on the market, including Juvederm, that can be used on sensitive skin. They can be used to fill in areas of your cheeks, make your eyebrows appear lifted, and fill in lip wrinkles. The results can last for several months, especially if you have the work done on minor wrinkles and sagging. Synthetics are approved for sensitive skin, but you should be careful placing any filler under your eyes to reduce puffiness. Some dermal fillers will leave a greenish tint under your eyes that can make circles appear darker. Talk to your dermatologist about the right kind of fillers for you.

Natural fillers

Many people opt for natural fillers instead of synthetics. Your body is less likely to react to a natural filler if you have sensitive skin. Natural fillers use collagen or fat to improve the contours of your skin and give you a more youthful appearance. Options for natural fillers include:

  • bovine collagen
  • porcine (pig) collagen
  • human collagen
  • your own fat

You can also inject your own blood and vitamin C into your skin to rejuvenate it and produce a plumper appearance. Your body absorbs your own blood over a series of a few months, giving you a youthful glow that lasts. Since it's your own blood, your body will not reject the filler, and the vitamin C continues to promote healthy skin and cell growth. Many people also receive hyaluronic acid injections to promote collagen growth in their faces. This acid is found in the body and is known to help give your skin the boost it needs to produce healthier cells and tighter skin. The results from hyaluronic acid injections can be visible for up to a year.

Talk to a dermatologist, like those at The De Pieri Clinic, about any concerns you have with your sensitive skin regarding fillers. Depending on your age, the results you are looking for, and where you want dermal fillers placed, natural fillers may be a great choice for you. Many synthetic fillers are excellent in giving you long-lasting results as well.