3 Harmful Ingredients Found In Most Facial Beauty Products

Think about all of the beauty products you use on your face on a daily basis. From the makeup primer, moisturizer, and foundation you apply in the morning to the wrinkle cream, facial cleanser, and toner you apply at night, each of these products consists of a full list of ingredients. But have you ever stopped to look at those ingredient listings? If you haven't switched to natural facial beauty products, it is definitely something you should consider. Here is a look at some of the harmful ingredients found in most facial beauty products and why they should be avoided. 

Paraben Preservatives

Many forms of beauty products are heavily laced with preservatives. While some preservatives found in a lot of natural skin care products, such as natural salt and sodium, are not that bad, the preservatives in several types of moisturizers, face creams, and even foundation are not so skin or body-friendly. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the preservatives in a lot of beauty products to have paraben-based preservatives. Parabens deter the growth of bacteria, but they have also been linked to breast cancer, not yet as a cause, but actually as part of breast cancer cells. This is more than enough of a reason to steer clear of parabens until further research is done to understand their effects on the human body. 

Synthetic Color Additives

The reds of your favorite lipstick, the deep mahogany of your must-have eyeliner, and the coal black mascara you won't leave the house without often have an ugly little secret. These products often have color additives of a synthetic, man-made nature. Synthetic color additives can be made from some pretty scary bases, like coal tar and petroleum, which are not things normal people would choose to put on their face. On the other hand, natural beauty products are usually colored with natural ingredients, such as flower derivatives or food-grade products. 

Artificial Fragrances

Perhaps you use a facial cleanser that has a strong fragrance or your favorite moisturizer leaves a specific fragrance behind. While these traits may seem enjoyable, artificial fragrances can also cause respiratory issues with long-term exposure. Plus, many artificial fragrances are alcohol-based, which is known to be pretty harsh on the delicate skin layers of your face. Natural beauty products for the face tend to be fragranced by essential oils for a safe smell that you can enjoy without worries of causing harm to your face or body.